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  • As a recovery coach, Dr. Bob places highest premium on actively collaborating with his clients, engaging their strengths (even if sometimes those are temporarily hidden).
  • Hand-in-hand with his clients, he works to uncover what might be done in the here-and-now to get personal assets working again for the individual.
  • Dr. Bob maintains that much of this work then rests upon successfully “drawing out” (from the Latin educare) key inner resources already existing within his clients.
  • Therefore, his approach feels less diagnostic and clinical, and more creative and connecting in helping his clients remove blockages in their lives.
  • If there is one central goal to Dr. Bob’s approach to recovery coaching, it is this: to get your true potential back on-track!

Highly sought after as an inspiring and informative public speaker, before both lay and professional audiences, Dr. Bob deeply enjoys bringing the above message — of hope and genuine life-recovery — far and wide.

In addition, he is active as a trainer in providing staff in-service workshops in the treatment of addiction, reaching out to both clinical and non-clinical recovery staff at local rehab facilities.

Finally, Dr. Bob serves as a consultant to local businesses, university training programs, and treatment facilities interested in incorporating the leading edge within addiction treatment:

Integral Recovery — a thorough and rigorously holistic approach to healing addiction — and which includes the latest innovations in brain science, mindfulness meditation, and leveraging relationships for establishing and maintaining successful recovery.

Dr. Bob Weathers has been a friend and a colleague for the last five years. There is nobody on the planet whom I would recommend more highly as a coach, guide, and teacher, if you are on the path of recovery, or if you simply need help on your life journey. Dr. Bob has great compassion, wisdom, intelligence, humility, and a wonderful sense of humor. Again, I could think of no one better to have your back, show you the way forward, and walk by your side on the road. He is six stars out of five.

John Dupuy, author of Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction

Working with Dr. Bob has been more than a great joy – it has been, even in the short time I’ve known him, a transformational experience. In every conversation we’ve had, I’ve been truly touched by the depth of kindness, wisdom, understanding, and compassion that Bob conveys – it’s not just his words; it’s as though his very being radiates with compassionate acceptance, impelling me to grow and heal. Dr. Bob’s depth of knowledge and insight are vast indeed, but it takes real, heartfelt wisdom to know exactly how to help another heal. Bob’s passion for his work is a remarkable testament to his commitment not only to relieving the suffering of others, but to helping them realize higher levels of growth, potential, and happiness than they ever would have believed. I’m honored to call him a colleague, and delighted to call him a friend. Thank you, Bob, for showing up in the world with presence, warmth, integrity, and love.

Doug Prater, Integral Recovery

Hey Bob,

Bless you, good sir! I’m delighted to hear about the launch in southern California—how exciting! This promises to truly revolutionize the entire nature of recovery treatment—and into something that might actually begin to have some sort of real effect. Awesome….

These are such kind thoughts. Thank you enormously for this….

Much love,

Ken Wilber, founder of integral theory, in response to Dr. Bob's sharing about his local work in helping build a brand-new Orange County addiction treatment center

Words would not describe the phenomenal teaching of Dr. Bob. I’ve never learned as much as I did from this class, and because of his teaching style, I’m inspired to learn more about this subject. My brain had an upgrade to higher learning from Dr. Bob.

Graduate student in psychology


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