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What Exactly Do I Mean by Recovery Coaching?

We all get enslaved at times – for starters, by bad habits or attitudes. In fact, the word for “slave” in ancient Latin was addictus. And what does every slave want most?


To be free.

So, I see my work as recovery coach focusing on helping to liberate my clients from anything they are enslaved to –


whether a substance like alcohol;

a behavior like compulsively eating, working, or spending;


or even an attitude like self-doubt or resentment.

And what do my clients recover?

Ideally, it is their true potential: a meaningful life of deep connectedness and real contribution.

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Living Amends


I have spent the past decade in recovery. I mention this primarily because it has been through this period of focused recovery that I have really grasped the huge level of impairment I gradually sunk into, and from which I made major mistakes in judgment.

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I value actively collaborating with all clients. This means creating an environment of mutually felt respect, where effective change can happen – and not a top-down approach, in which lasting change rarely happens.


I place the highest premium on strengths (even if sometimes hidden, at first) that my clients bring to facing life’s challenges. Some well-intentioned approaches may zero in on highlighting an individual’s deficits, but such approaches unfortunately often lead to zero gains.


I believe that working in the here-and-now present is much more useful in building resilience than is focusing inordinately on the past. We apply currently what we have learned from past mistakes, moving forward with increased awareness and skill.


I find labeling clients unhelpful, if not demoralizing. My approach to coaching is non-diagnostic, which is to say, each person is seen as a unique individual with a unique destiny, and we aim to release all positive, inner resources to that end.


Physical Well-Being

overall health, diet, exercise, rest, stress management, and recovery from any addictive behaviors

Relationship Connection

cultivating a circle of genuine intimacy and mutual vulnerability, healing past wounds, setting clear boundaries, (re)building trust

Mental Resources

stimulating means for expanding one’s intellect, including meaningful books, articles, and instructional videos

Creative Self-Expression

exploring any and all means of “re-creation,” that promote the opening up of our souls into beauty, spontaneity, and wonder

Emotional Balance

developing authentic self-esteem, practicing forgiveness and gratitude, learning to navigate stress, depression, anxiety, shame, and/or trauma

Spiritual Resources

applying skillful means, such as mindfulness meditation, personal prayer, and yoga, to the deepening of one’s appreciation of all that is

A Little About What I Do

A Little About What I Do


The upshot of all this work, in a creative and collaborative coaching relationship with me, is liberating one’s best self to contribute in meaningful and purposeful ways, whether in business, vocation, or schooling; or family, parenting, and relationship.


“To love and to work” as the fullest possible expression of one’s own unique gifts and dreams.

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